Grooming Services and Prices

A full groom includes

  • Professional bath
  • Trim
  • Clip or shave (in any style)
  • Nails
  • Ears cleaned

Prices start from just £10 for a bath and £20 for a full groom.

We now offer a mobile nail trimming service – prices start from £15!

We will never shave your pet without your permission – see our shaving policy.

Give us the mess!!!

If you just want your dog bathed, we use a power shower to clean them thoroughly and then dry them using specialist drying equipment to remove unwanted moulting hair – excellent for all breeds.

We trim all pet’s nails for £5 – however this is included in a full groom or bath and groom.

Some dogs can be uncooperative, stressed or aggressive. If this happens, we WILL NOT continue with the nail trim. In this case, nail trimming by a vet may be the best option as we want happy dogs in our salon.

K9 Services

“Would you want this hair all over your house?”

We also check for abnormalities ie, lumps, bumps, sores, skin complaints, ear infections etc and advise if a vet is needed.

If your dog is nervous or elderly we will clip/trim your pet in half an hour (depending upon the breed).

If your dog suffers from a skin allergy we advise that you provide us with a prescribed shampoo, otherwise we will use our own.

Click here for the K9 Services Grooming Contract.